LAMDA MARINE SERVICES is a company providing services in the whole range of electronic technologies and calibration services. We can service all your needs including technical support, sales, spare parts delivery, and many others.
Our scope of support ends when your technological needs are fulfilled. With a team that consists of extensively educated and experienced technicians that have been in the shipping industry for over 20 years, our clients receive excellent quality and services.

Being in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, as Piraeus is one of the most strategic ports in the world, give us a considerable advantage in regard to spare parts delivery, and the experience of having continuous opportunities of service.
When you are selecting LAMDA MARINE SERVICES, you are selecting the highest level of quality and performance based in our experience, tools, teamwork and professionalism.

Please feel free to quote with us, and we will be more than glad to assist you with all your needs.


At LAMDA MARINE SERVICES we understand the critical role that UTI units, Gas meters, Pressure and Temperature Calibrators play in the safety and efficiency of marine operations.
To that end, we have assembled a team that can troubleshoot, diagnose and rectify any issues that may arise. More specifically we offer the following services

Annual Inspection, Service, Calibration, and Certification for UTI Units

Ensure optimal performance and compliance with our comprehensive annual inspection, encompassing thorough inspection, meticulous servicing, precise calibration, and certification for your UTI units. Trust us to keep your equipment at its peak functionality and in adherence to industry standards.

Gas Meter Annual Inspection, Service, Calibration, and Certification

Elevate the reliability and accuracy of your gas measurement systems with our annual inspection, meticulous servicing, precise calibration, and certification. Trust in our expertise to keep your gas meters operating at peak performance while meeting industry standards for safety and precision.

Annual Inspection, Service, and Certification for Pressure & Temperature Calibrators

Ensure precision and compliance in your processes with our comprehensive annual package, featuring thorough inspection, expert servicing, meticulous calibration, and certification for Pressure & Temperature Calibrators. Rely on us to maintain your instruments at peak performance, delivering accuracy and reliability for your critical measurements.

On-Board Services for Uninterrupted Maritime Operations

Explore our on-board services designed to optimize ship functionality and crew productivity. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, trust our expert team to keep your vessel sailing smoothly on the open waters.

Remote Technical Support & Guidance Services

Access expert assistance from anywhere in the world. Our remote technical support ensures swift problem resolution, system optimization, and comprehensive guidance, keeping your operations running smoothly without the need for on-site intervention.